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ScentXplore promotes the recognition of excellence in niche perfumery, whether for brands, perfumers, distributors and content creators. Our annual AWARDS selection process is unique – With the exception of the Lifetime Achievement award, winners in all categories are determined by the attendees themselves through a comprehensive voting system.

The true niche fragrance lovers are the ones who speak.

2022 Niche Fragrance Award Scentxplore

2023 Award Categories

Brand Concept & Portfolio


Amouage | Parfums de Marly | M. Micallef 




Niche perfumery stands out with its originality, unique scents, high quality, creativity, and exclusivity. These brands prioritize original concepts over market trends, using rare ingredients and exploring unusual themes. Their high-quality fragrances are inspired by art, history, and nature. They are praised for their diverse, well-executed fragrances that showcase a range of styles and versatility.

All participating brands with a minimum of 6 fragrances are eligible.

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Brand Approachability 2
Stone Factory 02

Brand Approachability


Amouage | Mancera | Parfums de Marly 



Niche perfumery offers a unique opportunity for direct interaction with brands, including perfumers and owners, a rarity since the massification of the industry. This approachability allows niche brands to be more receptive to consumer feedback in real time. It creates a more accessible and inclusive experience, where consumers can feel part of the creative process and have a deeper connection with the brand.

Criteria: For this category, all our participating brands are eligible.

Fragrance of the Year


Althair (Parfums de Marly) | Guidance (Amouage) | Gntonic (M. Micallef)


Althair (Parfums de Marly)

Defining a good fragrance is subjective, influenced by personal taste and memories. Beyond the emotional connection, factors like bottle aesthetics and brand play a role in selection, but performance is now key in both mainstream and niche perfumery. Niche consumers, with a more discerning sense of smell, value artistry, originality, and the evolution of a fragrance’s notes on the skin. They are naturally a more demanding audience.

Criteria: All fragrances released by ScentXplore’s participating brands in 2023 are eligible.

Composition With Bottle Of Perfume And Ingredients
Fragrance Of The Year

Rising Star Perfumer


Alexis Grugeon (Amouage) | Luc Solomon (The Elemental) | Sofia Bardelli (Electimuss) 



Sofia Bardelli (Electimuss)

Until the late 70s, perfumers were secretive, working on fewer fragrances with a process that could take years. In the 90s, the focus shifted to quantity, with many designers launching variations of existing scents and most perfumers working for fragrance houses. The rise of niche perfumery revived the perfumer’s role, granting them more creative freedom and concept-oriented briefings, allowing for more daring creations.

 Criteria: New perfumers that have shown outstanding quality within their niche perfume creations in a time-span of at least 5 years are eligible.

Up-and-coming niche brand


House of BO | Navitus Parfums | Primera Perfumes



Navitus Parfums

Easier access to materials and education enabled aspiring perfumers to create their fragrances. However, success in this challenging market, where small brands compete with established ones, is uncertain. Niche brands must meet high consumer expectations for quality and originality, while managing profitability with limited resources. Visibility and access to consumers are key challenges.

Criteria: Participating brands with up to 5 years of existence and a minimum of 6 fragrances in their portfolio are eligible.



Europerfumes | MaxAroma | Refinery Fragrances 



Niche fragrance distributors and retailers play a vital role in making niche fragrances accessible to consumers. They invest in lesser-known brands with unpredictable sales, requiring inventory costs and knowledgeable sales staff. The success of these players often hinges on their vision and engagement, seeing the potential of new brands, as well as providing a good portfolio and customer service.

Criteria: All participating distributors/retailers are eligible.

Most Impactful
Content Creator


CaFleureBon | Fragrantica | Persolaise






Andres Perfume Man (Youtube) | Jeremy Fragrance (TikTok) | Mr. Felix (Instagram) 



Andres Perfume Man (Youtube)


This category is split into two awards:

Most Impactful Content Creator – Writing (blogs, columns, magazines, books):

Fragrance writers offer in-depth reviews and educational content, enhancing understanding of perfumery. They report on trends, spotlight niche brands, and engage readers through discussions and storytelling. Their work connects a knowledgeable community, providing insights into the artistry behind fragrances and connecting scents with personal narratives, thus enriching the aficionado experience.

Criteria: Any written content creator (individual or company) is eligible as long as they have produced consistent and relevant content for at least a 12-month period, or have at least one published book.

Most Impactful Content Creator – Vlogging (social media)

YouTubers, Instagrammers and TikTokers significantly influence the fragrance community by educating viewers about various scents, fostering a sense of community, setting trends, and promoting both mainstream and niche brands. They provide detailed reviews, helping viewers make informed choices. Their content boosts visibility for lesser-known brands and plays a key role in shaping trends and preferences among aficionados.

Criteria: Any digital content creator is eligible as long as they have produced consistent and relevant content for at least a 12-month period.

Content Creator
AdobeStock 133027873

Lifetime Achievement – Dominique Roques

Dominique Roques has dedicated more than three decades of his life to sourcing precious ingredients that are crucial to the perfume industry, understanding not only them but the people involved in local communities around the world

Dominique Roques Awards

Known as the “cueilleur d’essences”, or the collector of essences, Roques travels non-stop around the globe, whether studying the sweet extracts of vanilla bean in Madagascar and tonka bean in Venezuela, or the dry resins of benzoin in Laos and frankincense in Somaliland, a place to which he is very attached. With a solidary personality, the concerns of this world-renowned authority range from the implementation of sustainable extraction methods to the improvement of labor standards of collectors who live in precarious and dangerous living conditions due to the climate, crime and greed. Roques’s studies allow us to better understand the geography, history and culture of local communities, what is behind the entire perfume chain, from the source of raw materials to the finished formula in the laboratories of leading fragrance houses. Due to the focus on natural and precious ingredients, niche brands rely heavily on Roques’s outstanding work.

ScentXplore humbly acknowledges Dominique Roques’s contribution to the perfume universe with our Life Achievement Award.

How this is going to work


(Starts on 11/13/23 )


A voting survey will be sent out to all attendees,  past and present, on Nov 13thThe survey will be open for a 5-day window period. The responses will then be compiled and the 3 most voted – the finalists – will move on to the next phase. 

NOTE: Attendees who purchase tickets after Nov 12th won’t be able to vote.


(Starts on 11/20/23)


A second voting survey will be sent out to all attendees, past or present, on Nov 20th. The survey will be open for a 10-day window period. Attendees will be able to pick 1 among the 3 finalists for each category.

The winners of each category will be announced during the Awards Show Ceremony on Saturday Dec 2nd.

Good Luck to all participating brands, distributors and individuals. 

ScentXplore would like to thank everyone for their participation and support.