WHAT is ScentXplore?

ScentXplore is a one-of-kind NICHE PERFUMERY event, first in the Americas, that connects niche, creative directors, perfumers, content creators, industry experts and fragrance enthusiasts. ScentXplore’s main drivers are: EXPLORE, DISCOVER, SHARE & CONNECT.

WHY be a part of ScentXplore?

More creative, innovative, exclusive and high-quality driven, NICHE BRANDS are often hidden in a sea of mainstream launches. ScentXplore strives to make them MORE VISIBLE TO FRAGRANCE ENTHUSIASTS. Attendees will receive firsthand information on trends and new releases plus exclusive content that is pertinent to ScentXplore attendees.

WHEN & WHERE ScentXplore happens?

ScentXplore happens every year on the first weekend in December and is held at its headquarters in NYC.