Fumes & Tunes

Spring Edition | Nashville – TN

Notes, chords, harmony, artistry!

Perfume and Music have always been linked and made people come together.

Join us for this unique and exclusive fragrance activation curated by ScentXplore in collaboration with Refinery Fragrances, celebrating the harmonious fusion of scent and sound. Hosted in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, this experience promises to connect attendees with a symphony of fragrances and melodies, creating a multisensory journey through exclusively selected niche fragrance houses.

Fumes & Tunes

Music Performances

Live musical performances, creating a seamless blend of auditory and olfactory sensations for an immersive experience.

Fragrance Presentations

Leading fragrance brands will showcase their ethos and signature scents, providing attendees with an exclusive glimpse into the craftsmanship behind their fragrances.


Mini sessions will immerse participants in the artistry of niche perfumery.

Cocktail Crafting

A skilled mixologist will craft cocktails inspired by featured fragrances, elevating the multisensory journey and offering a unique tasting experience.

Stone Factory 02
Nashville TN


May 4th, 2024
12pm – 8pm (CST) / (1pm – 9pm EST)

​Event location

The Space at 100 Taylor
100 Taylor Street
East Germantown
Nashville, Tennessee

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10am CST
Exclusive hours for Exhibitors check-in.

12pm CST
Doors open to attendees
May enter through gravel parking lot (101 Van Buren St.) or through Taylor Arts Collective (100 Taylor St.)

* Coffee cart, scent-inspired cocktails and Open bar available for guests’ enjoyment.
* Giveaways done every hour during the event.
* ScentXplore/Refinery gift bags handed out at the door upon check-in.

12:30pm – 12:45pm CST
Fumes & Tunes Introduction by Max Forti and John Panzer

1pm – 2pm CST
Parfums de Marly – The Power of the Invisible (Masterclass w/Yvan Jacqueline)

2pm – 2:30pm CST
Jam session: Kristen Capolino & John Panzer (Live Performance)

2.30pm – 3:15pm CST
Scents of Wood – The Art & Science of barrel aging (Masterclass w/ Fabrice Croisé)

3:30pm – 4pm CST
Scent Savvy: An Olfactive (Masterclass with Michael Paul of Day Three Fragrances)

5pm – 5:30pm CST
Stripped performance by Colton Dixon (Live Performance)

6pm – 6:30pm CST
Porter’s Call Introduction and receiving of check (Charity Donation)

7pm – 7:30pm CST
Writer’s Round with Cooper Bascom and friend (Live Performance).

7:30pm – 8pm CST
Fumes & Tunes Talk

8pm CST
Time to say goodbye – parting is such sweet sorrow!


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