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10 New Fragrance Highlights | Q1 2024

Apr 25, 2024 | New Drops, Recaps

Welcome to our first quarter’s recap for 2024, featuring a curated selection of 10 fragrances worth trying, from the opulent and flirtatious ‘Love Delight’ by AMOUAGE, which dazzles with a delightful mix of powdery, spicy and gourmand notes, to the robust and enigmatic ‘Ribot’ by MASQUE MILANO, blending refined leather with green tones of hay. Whether the relaxing, coniferous depths of ‘The Language of Glaciers’ by IMAGINARY AUTHORS or the vibrant, citrusy-woody essence of ‘Perseus’ by PARFUMS DE MARLY, this lineup reinforces the diversity, uniqueness, and artistry of niche perfumery.





“The interplay of delicate florals and irresistible treats, radiance and insouciance. Love Delight is an invite to savour every moment of indulgence. Top Notes: Ginger, Mandarin, Rose water, Cinnamon. Heart Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Rose. Base Notes: Vanilla, Cocoa, Rum Absolute, Cypriol.”





“The fragrance opens with a fresh and very natural topnote (pinkpepper Co2 extract Réunion), with green and aromatic accents (Clary Sage oil Grand Cru France – Saffron extract Grand Cru Cashmere India – Rosemary oil Morocco) that are paving the way for the addictive cuir & hay accord that will be at center of the stage.
The hay (Hay ‘Crau’ ultrasound extract grand Cru France) develops warm and dusty feeling, with a tobaccoey sweetness, almost fermented, in a balance between the gourmand and the animalic territories. A touch of Jasmine sambac India is found in the very heart of the fragrance.
In the drydown, the leathery accord is perfectly balanced with the opulent resinous combination of Benzoin resinoid Laos and Myrrh oil Somalia.”





“A Sensual Shot of Provocation. It set its sights on the erogenous VANILLA BEAN, electrified by PINK PEPPER, drenched in a draught of COGNAC, before finally succumbing to the intoxicating swirls of a cigar. A cheeky twist of plump and juicy CHERRY celebrates the indulgence of a polished proposition. Main Notes: Cherry, Cognac, Vanilla, Black and Pink Pepper, Tobacco, Hedione.”





“This sparkling, sweet, flowery eau de parfum sublimates an exceptional orange blossom. Sensual, carnal, soothing and modern, this chic, bohemian fragrance with the slogan “Sweetness is strength” is an addictive floral treat for all seasons. Head: Bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, mandarin, pink pepper. Heart: neroli, rose, jasmine. Base: Orange blossom absolute, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, vanilla.”





“Orris and suede lie at the heart of this rich composition, which is a real treat for connoisseurs. Pink pepper and bergamot lift the start of the fragrance, bringing a lively, playful tone. The orris in the heart is highlighted by the floral elements of immortelle whilst labdanum, oud and sandalwood circle around the soft suede found in the base, bringing both light and shade to the overall scent. TOP: Pepper pink C02 LMR, Bergamot Oil. HEART: Orris resinoid LMR, Immortelle abs Balkans LMR. BASE: Labdanum resinoid LMR, Oud oil LMR, Sandalwood Oil New Caledonia LMR, Suede accord.”





“1 – 312 Saint-Honoré celebrates the opening of the House’s first boutique in Paris. 2 – A creation with a delicate, captivating trail of pink peppercorn, white musk and orange blossom. 3 – Woody, musky and floral. 4 – Inspired by the emblematic raw materials that compose the address: glass, concrete and white Burgundy stone. HEAD NOTES: Pink peppercorn extract from Brazil, Pink peppercorn leaf, Angelica roots from France. HEART NOTES: Orange blossom, Tonka bean, Iris. BASE NOTES: Ambroxan, Ambery musk, Oud wood from Thailand.”





“Magic Mushrooms embodies transformation, spiritual magic, and dimensionality, brimming with unconventional, energetically extraordinary ingredients. The composition, fused with notes of calming cypress, vivacious grapefruit, and healing cardamom – teems with life, opening gates of perception. The heart of the composition beats in an eccentric rhythm of magical mushrooms and blackcurrant, enshrouded in herbs and the secretive energy of davana, ylang-ylang, and consciousness-elevating cannabis. Each essence is a key allowing proximity to one’s inner self, where, through the incredible power of thyme, lavender, clove, and immortelle, magic intertwines with the everyday. It is a path leading to the soul, where beneath, in the shadow of liqueur notes, patchouli, vetiver, and moss, lies the promise of deeper dimensions of existence. This magical composition unveils the uncharted landscape of the soul, where magic is not just a promise, but a space where each ‘now’ becomes an eternity.





“Have you ever stood alone atop a mountain with chunky snowflakes swirling all around? Such is the splendor you will experience within The Language of Glaciers, a romantic epic which reaches incredible heights and inspires one to leave no moment unappreciated. From the stillness of a moonlit snowshoe excursion, to the rush of witnessing an avalanche safely from above, the recollections of our unnamed narrator will captivate you the same way the solitary song of the snow owl captivated them. Find comfort in the cold and begin to see the world from stunning new perspectives. Critics have called it ‘A slow-paced story that will burrow straight to the center of your soul’ and ‘Sharp as ice and smooth as a glacial lake.'”





“Welcome to the Whimsical world of ‘Maraschino’, a fragrance that embodies the luscious allure of the sweet symphony of Red Cherries, tempting Almonds, ripe Strawberries, juicy Apples, and velvety Peached that compose an exquisite overture, evoking the vibrant hues of a sunrise. As the day unfolds, the heart notes bloom into a captivating garden filled with Jasmine Sambac , Roses, Heliotrope, Mimosa, and Orris, evoking the image of a lush floral tapestry in full bloom. With dusk’s arrival, “Maraschino” transforms yet again, as Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka, Musk, Amber, and Vanilla take center stage. These base notes craft a warm , sultry embrace, weaving an irresistible take that lingers delicately on the skin, a lingering tale of allure and sensuality.”





“Perseus is a luminous and refreshing creation, combined with a long-lasting sillage. The fragrance is characterized by a grapefruit citrus accord and a vetiver heart that come to life the moment they meet. The former immediately invigorates, its freshness electrifying the skin. At the same time the earthy facet of the vetiver is revealed, refined, comforting and sensual. Perseus’s trail is further enriched by ambergris and long-lasting dry woods. Perseus evokes early morning at the royal residence of Marly, at the moment when the sun’s first rays waken the château, warm its gardens and make its fountains sparkle. A sun-kissed perfume, it celebrates the radiance of citrus. A unique morning ritual for a day of endless sunshine.”


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(fragrance descriptions: Amouage, Masque Milano, Initio, M.Micallef, Electimuss, BDK, Bohoboco, Imaginary Authors, Sospiro, Parfums de Marly)



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