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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Ally (docfragrance)

Born in the Philippines and raised in the UAE, Ally now calls NYC home. She moved to the USA in 2016 to pursue the American Dream and a career in Medicine. Ally’s passion for fragrances led her to share her insights through various articles. She has contributed to Le Parfum Magazine and written a notable piece for Black Owned Fragrance Week. Outside of her professional endeavors, Ally loves to travel and explore culinary delights, aiming to visit Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. Creating new memories and expanding horizons deepen her appreciation for perfumery and life.


My journey into the world of fragrances began just three years ago, inspired by a close friend who is an avid fragrance enthusiast. It all started with a birthday gift of Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a scent that captivated me with its depth, allure, and evolving narrative. This initial experience opened my eyes to the complexity and artistry of perfumery. We would often spend time together, sampling extensive collection of fragrances, and delving into the rich stories each one told. This exploration has profoundly influenced my appreciation for the sophisticated world of scents.

My favorite notes have evolved over time. Initially, I was drawn to incense, agarwood, cumin and oud, reminiscent of my Middle Eastern upbringing. As my fragrance journey progressed, and given my line of work, I’ve developed a preference for more comforting and subtle notes such as musk, tonka bean for that sweetness with bitter notes, some subtle floral notes and black tea to be mindful of my environment. I’m a work in progress and my palate changes depending on many aspects and happy to announce that I have started venturing into more and more vanilla fragrances.

My favorite perfumers are Christian Provenzano and Alexis Grugeon. Christian Provenzano is a master perfumer behind many iconic brands. He is a legend in the field and an amazing human being. Meeting him was a privilege as he generously shared his passion and what drives him to create fragrances. His ability to push boundaries in his creations is truly inspiring. Alexis Grugeon, a French perfumer, is an up-and-coming talent in the world of perfumery. I am particularly enamored with his creation, Search by Amouage, which resonates with me on a deep and delicate level. His innovative approach and emotive compositions make him a standout in the industry.

What interests me most about perfumery is its magical ability to distill emotions, memories, and stories into a single, captivating scent. It’s like alchemy for the nose, combining science and art to create an olfactory masterpiece. I’m fascinated by the way a carefully crafted blend of notes can evoke a sense of nostalgia or transport me to an exotic locale. Plus, the sheer delight of decoding the layers of a fragrance feels a bit like being a scent detective. It’s a blend of sophistication and whimsy—like bottling up a good plot twist. Another aspect about perfumery is the entire creative journey behind it—the people who design the bottle, the inspiration that fuels the scent, and the meticulous process of crafting the fragrance itself. It’s fascinating to see how perfumers, with their extraordinary olfactory skills, can translate abstract concepts and emotions into a harmonious blend of notes. The bottle designers, often overlooked, turn these scents into tangible works of art, each flacon reflecting the essence of its contents. The whole process is a captivating mix of art, science, and storytelling. Plus, there’s something amusingly profound about the idea of capturing an entire narrative in a spritz.

I became a fragrance content creator after the devastating loss of both my parents just a few months apart. I found myself in a deep state of depression. I would wake up crying day and night, struggling to find a way out of the overwhelming grief. Although I tried to focus on my work, it wasn’t enough to lift the heaviness I felt. A great friend of mine suggested I shift my focus to something I love—fragrances. Talking about them and creating content online became my outlet, keeping me busy and helping me heal when I wasn’t at work. Through this journey, I discovered a new passion that brought a sense of purpose and joy back into my life. Fragrance and content creation has been an extremely positive impact in my life.

The unique aspect of my work is my ability to spotlight emerging fragrance houses and provide in-depth interviews with the creators. I offer a behind-the-scenes look at their creative processes, uncovering the inspirations and stories that shape their scents. This approach not only educates but also enriches the fragrance community’s understanding and appreciation of the art of perfumery. I also feel that I somehow bridge a gap between consumer and niche/indie brands and give an honest and unfiltered opinion that leads to a respectful discussion.

So far, my contribution to the fragcom has been introducing new and emerging fragrance houses. Through detailed interviews with owners and perfumers, I delve into their creative processes and the inspirations behind their fragrances, offering fresh perspectives and deepening our collective appreciation for the art of perfumery. I love learning and being able to share and educate my audience and myself through the scientific and creative side of the community.

A good fragrance—a deeply personal experience—is one that authentically embodies and reflects the essence of the wearer.

On the current perfume market: While the current perfume market can often feel overwhelming and saturated with flankers and flankers of the flanker, it ultimately offers an unparalleled variety that allows everyone to find a scent that truly resonates with their unique personality and preferences. I also want to incorporate that In recent years, sustainability has become a key focus in the fragrance industry. Perfumers are increasingly using sustainable sourcing practices for natural ingredients, ensuring the well-being of ecosystems and local communities. Additionally, there’s a growing trend toward eco-friendly packaging and reduced carbon footprints. I am also predicting that Niche and Indie perfume brands will soar in popularity, challenging the dominance of established fragrance houses. The world of perfume continues to evolve, embracing both tradition and innovation. Perfumers are pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons to create scents that resonate with a diverse and ever-changing audience.

The best aspect of ScentXplore is its ability to unite the fragrance community, providing a platform for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to connect. As the largest niche fragrance conference in the USA, ScentXplore serves as a bridge between consumers and brands, fostering direct interactions and deepening mutual understanding. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase niche fragrance houses, presenting unique and sophisticated olfactory experiences that stand in contrast to mainstream designer and commercial offerings. This event not only celebrates the art of perfumery but also nurtures a shared passion, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

In a few words, to me, perfume is a deeply personal experience. It helped me through the darkest times of my life.






JalousJalous by Elysian Parfums

Jalous by Elysian Parfums was my introduction to Indie Houses. Unlike many, I skipped the designer fragrance phase and was drawn directly to commercial niche fragrances, thanks to my good friend who influenced me on my fragrance journey. However, discovering Jalous shifted my perception of Indie Houses. This fragrance opened my eyes to the quality and affordability that indie brands can offer. Jalous opens with a smoky pineapple note, a perfect tropical staple, enhanced by crisp apple and delicate white florals, uplifting the rich vanilla base.


GuidanceGuidance by Amouage

A Quentin Bisch masterpiece. Guidance is the fragrance for the woman who knows her power and isn’t afraid to wield it. It’s the finishing touch that transforms an ordinary evening into an unforgettable, mesmerizing night. This perfume is a celebration of femininity, a scent that lingers in the memory of anyone lucky enough to catch a trace of its captivating aura. A true form of what Niche Fragrance embodies, pushed boundaries and a leading house in this category.


EpiphanyEpiphany by Reinvented Parfums

Epiphany by Reinvented Parfums is one of my recent discoveries from the 2023 Scentxplore, and it truly blew me away. This fragrance embodies my essence, as if I were bottled up. Epiphany makes a bold statement, embracing intensity and spice with open arms. Unapologetically unique. It’s a perfect year-round companion, featuring an incense-filled scent with spicy pepper notes that opens with bright citrusy saffron and evolves to a unique dry down that only the brave can dream about.


NashvilleNashville by City Rhythm

I have truly learned to love and appreciate City Rhythm most especially after hearing the rags to riches story of it’s owner Niles Ramadhin; on how he pursued his passion. This fragrance opens as boozy, creamy liquor with added sweetness and character from coffee and vanilla. Red berry was a great addition for that extra fruitiness. An easy grab for my autumn season.


Joorie by Kajal

I’m not usually a huge fan of rose scents, but this one stood out among the rest. It was another exciting discovery from Scentxplore 2022, and it cemented Kajal as one of my top favorite niche houses. Joorie is an exceptional fragrance that opens with fizzy, sparkling notes of nutmeg and clove. The honey and tonka combination elevates the scent, leading to a classy, dry rose dry down. It’s the perfect date night fragrance—sultry, sexy, and beautiful.


SweetieAoudSweetie Aoud by Roja Parfums

Imagine a zesty, uplifting scent of a freshly peeled orange or lemon. It’s bright, fresh, and invigorating with a slightly bitter and herbal quality, like the earthy aroma of sage or the hint of a green, leafy herb as an opening. Slowly transforms into a warm and sweet, like honey infused with a resinous richness. Think of amber with a touch of sweetness. This note is like stepping into a charming bakery, with hints of sweet pastries, vanilla, and a cozy warmth. The dry down is spicy- like inviting aroma of cardamom pods used in chai tea, with a touch of sweetness with a mix of intense, rich, and sweetly woody, with a hint of exotic allure.


Palazzo by Christian Provenzano

Christian Provenzano is a renowned and legendary perfumer who I respect so much. Picture the fiery kick of ginger and pimento, like a spicy embrace, leading you into a dance of leather and pepper. As the performance unfolds, you’re surrounded by the comforting warmth of cedarwood and the earthy allure of vetiver. A timeless fougere.


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(image credits: all photos by Ally)

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DANIEL BARROS is Brazilian, based in São Paulo, and the author of  ‘1001 Perfumes: The Guide’. He has been collaborating with ScentXplore since 2021, contributing to content production and management, as well as organizing the annual ScentXplore People’s Choice Niche Fragrance Awards. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, Daniel is actively involved in mentoring niche brands and fragrance enthusiasts all over the world. Click here to send him a private message or report an error. Follow Daniel on Instagram @danielbarros_1001perfumes.

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