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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Angel (aroundtheunknown)

Meet Afrig Tunazzina Hoque Angel, aka aroundtheunknown, a Canadian Bangladeshi perfume and lifestyle content creator based in Toronto. With a computer science background and over 12 years of experience in the tech industry as a software and system analyst, she has always sought a global perspective, embracing visual richness, protection, adventure, and an element of the unknown. Angel’s extensive travels fueled her interest in perfumery, a passion that began in her teenage years but deepened as she ventured into an unfamiliar territory.


I became interested in perfume when I was in my early teens. I was a goody-two-shoes girl in the bustling city of Dhaka, living with my loving parents. Being at an age of peak curiosity, I used to love observing people and their unique styles. I noticed that people’s fashion sense in terms of clothes change (mine for example), but fragrance can sometimes be a staple to their identity. When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, my mother’s gorgeous dinner party with embellished traditional sarees and kurtas was incomplete without her signature Chanels and CKs. My father’s classics like Brut, Jovan Musk and Acqua di Giò from Giorgio Armani would grace his closet of carefully hung and pressed shirts and announce his arrival home at the end of a workday. All of this eventually sent me on a path of finding my own fragrance.

My favorite notes are quite diversified. I come from a country of twelve seasons, and I attribute my heritage for the broad spectrum of favorite notes. In Bangladesh, the change of seasons brings with it different flowers and fruits and subliminally sends an olfactory signal. I love the floral freshness with a hint of citrus on ‘Orange blossom’ and ‘Neroli’ but would pick ‘Iris’ note when I am in the mood for something more powdery and comforting. The regal note of ‘Rose’ reminds me of romance and the scent of attar on Fridays and Eids, earning a permanent spot in my heart. The tropical scent of ‘Frangipani’, ‘Mango’ and ‘Passion fruit’ is my exotic vacation reminder in Southeast Asia, while the earthy aroma of ‘Patchouli’ transports me into a monsoon afternoon in Dhaka. I will pick up ‘Cardamom’ and ‘Mint’ on days I want a burst of spicy freshness.

The part of perfumery that most interests me is, as I have mentioned earlier, the aspect of self-identity that perfumes offer. That is what really spiked my interest at first. However, currently what I find the most interesting is: the process of creating perfumes is an artistic expression itself. The blend of notes, the weaving of cultural heritage, the storytelling through descriptions, and the bottle design are truly wonderful experiences.

I became a fragrance content creator because perfume has always been a way for me to uniquely identify myself and an inevitable part of my self-care ritual ever since I stepped into my adulthood. When COVID hit, I decided to be more expressive on social media like the rest of the world and made a post about a perfume from Atelier Cologne – Clementine California. The Instagram Gods did their work, and my post reached many like-minded fragrance enthusiasts. Soon conversations and just sheer love for fragrance turned into a hobby and now it’s more than a hobby.

The unique aspect of my work is offering my interpretation of the perfumes through my social media channels and help my followers discover fragrances through my lens. I love to spark conversations that help explain what makes a certain perfume truly unique and what are the ways their next product can be even better.

So far, my contribution to the fragcom is sparking discussions about various brands. I was among the first individuals to introduce brands like Scotswood, Plume Impressions, Maison Crivelli, and Parfums de Gabor, each of which resonated with me on an emotional level after a considerable period. My straightforward approach to reviewing fragrances has enabled my followers to connect with me on a deeper level, transcending the role of a mere perfume blogger and fostering open conversations about perfumes and life in general, both through my posts and private messages. As the inaugural brand ambassador for the esteemed niche boutique Niche Essence in Toronto, my part-time collaboration with them has been incredibly rewarding. Additionally, I have had the honor of being selected as a panel speaker twice at ScentXplore events, and I am currently working on crafting articles for the web platform PlezuroMag, founded by my dear friend and fellow content creator, KristinaKiiScents.

A good fragrance is a fragrance that allows you to fully embody its essence. To me, a fragrance should serve as a complete representation of your core personality. While it may possess artistic flair, artisanal craftsmanship, and exquisite formulation, a fragrance may fall short if it fails to resonate with your deepest emotions. Therefore, the passion and connection you feel when repeatedly reaching for a particular fragrance should always ignite a sense of inner fire and authenticity.

I see the current perfume market as ever growing but not evolving as much these days. With countless releases from thousands of brands, it’s very hard to keep up with the pace and while chasing for the pace one might find a sense of disconnect and reach the point of exhaustion. I think the brands should focus on delivering something that focuses on the art, not the trend and that way we can expect to smell something truly coveted and one of a kind beautiful.

The best aspect of ScentXplore is that it stands as the largest event of its kind in the Americas, providing creators, particularly from this continent, with a comprehensive two-day immersive experience in the world of fragrance. More than just an exhibition to present brands and perfumes, it serves as a vital link connecting creators with industry experts, fostering a platform for teaching, and learning from subject matter authorities. This event is a celebration of the passion for perfumes, offering attendees the opportunity to revel in the festivities in one of the world’s most iconic cities every year during the holiday season.

In a few words, to me, perfume is an extension of your persona and an inspiration for anything good you dream of achieving. It completes me and I perceive it as a lifelong tool of my existence.






Modern MuseModern Muse by Estée Lauder

This fragrance held significant importance during the early stages of my career, providing a strong boost of confidence in my daily life. The captivating blend of jasmine, musk, and vanilla in this fragrance exudes a magnetic allure, making it a versatile staple that effortlessly transitions from day to night. Colleagues often complimented me on this scent, which I find to be a delightful and sophisticated floral amber with a hint of whimsical charm that has gracefully stood the test of time.


Miss Dior Le ParfumMiss Dior Le Parfum (2012)

The fragrance I chose for my wedding day will forever hold a special place in my heart. As a fan of the entire Miss Dior line, I was particularly captivated by the sheer magnetism of the Le Parfum version when it was released. Acquiring this fragrance in 2015, I am grateful that I exercised restraint in not over-applying it over the years, as this exquisite scent became my cherished companion on my most precious day in 2018.


Ambre SultanAmbre Sultan by Serge Lutens

This fragrance served as my introduction to the realm of niche perfumery. I vividly recall being utterly mesmerized when I first encountered it in 2013 during a visit to Singapore. Its distinctiveness and depth set it apart from any scent I had encountered previously, prompting me to engage in an inquisitive conversation with the sales associate as I was unfamiliar with both the brand and the unique olfactory journey it offered. While I no longer possess the bottle, this amber fragrance remains a cherished and significant part of my scent journey.


Iris MalikhanIris Malikhân by Maison Crivelli

I discovered this fragrance during my third wedding anniversary. The blend of green, leathery, resinous galbanum combined with buttery orris captivated me, igniting a newfound love for the iris note.


ToluTolu by Ormond Jayne

My absolute favorite is a refreshing, resinous honeyed orange blossom fragrance, boasting intoxicating herbal and aromatic notes, all grounded by a hint of tolu balsam. This is an orange blossom unlike anything and has a refined definition of an amber white floral with suave green edge. This is a representation of a woman who doesn’t wear much makeup but makes a statement with a beautiful floral dress and some elegant vintage accessories from her closet. And the ensemble is catapulted to the next level by the beautiful scent trail of Tolu.


Ivory RouteIvory Route by Xerjoff

I remember being completely enamored upon smelling it for the first time in 2021. And it was right at the beginning of autumn of that year and it couldn’t be more accurate timing. When it comes to vanilla perfumes, I am usually very picky since I feel like the note is so overdone and dare I say has become a little trendy for my taste in the recent past. However, Ivory Route makes an incredibly unique choice for those who love their spicy vanilla with an aromatic earthy twist. I seriously struggle to find words to describe the layers and depth of this fragrance and as a consumer I will have no qualms to repurchase this fragrance as long as it’s continued.


Rosa SMNRosa Novella by Santa Maria Novella

My adoration for a green, woody rose fragrance with a touch of freshness and spiciness guided me to Rosa Novella by this historic Florence-based perfume house with over 800 years of heritage. To me, this scent is truly remarkable and stands out as a sophisticated, signature-worthy fragrance for everyday wear, radiating elegance and refinement. I got my bottle from their SoHo boutique when I was visiting NewYork for ScentXplore in 2023. Truth be told, even though I was attending a fragrance event with so over 60 brilliant perfume brands, this particular fragrance could not leave my mind, thus becoming my scent of the event for two days.


Brazilian LilyBrazilian Lily by Blocki

This fragrance evokes memories of a rainy day back home, with the cool breeze wafting through the large window in my bedroom. If the scent of flowers carried by the wind on a rainy day and the vibrant greenery after a shower could be captured in a bottle, it would be Brazilian Lily. This is a scent that transcends reality and feels truly surreal and ethereal, inviting an unforgettable experience.


Silky Woods ElixirSilky Woods Elixir by Goldfield & Banks

There’s nothing quite like the joy of being captivated by a new fragrance launch that gives me butterflies. When a perfume expertly combines sweet, spicy, and woody elements in perfect harmony, complemented by a standout note that blends impeccably, you know you’ve discovered something poised to make a statement and truly stand out.


Angel MuseAngel Muse by Mugler

During a past visit to the UAE, I encountered oud for the first time, and ever since, I have developed a deep appreciation for this exotic note in fragrances. However, it was when Maison Crivelli introduced an oud scent infused with passion fruit that I became captivated. This fragrance is a bold statement, one I gravitate towards when seeking an extra boost of strength and empowerment. With its fruity, floral richness and remarkable longevity, it exudes depth and character.


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(image credits: Afrig Tunazzina Hoque Angel, except for Miss Dior Le Parfum by Dior and Amber Sultan by Serge Lutens)

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DANIEL BARROS is Brazilian, based in São Paulo, and the author of  ‘1001 Perfumes: The Guide’. He has been collaborating with ScentXplore since 2021, contributing to content production and management, as well as organizing the annual ScentXplore People’s Choice Niche Fragrance Awards. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, Daniel is actively involved in mentoring niche brands and fragrance enthusiasts all over the world. Click here to send him a private message or report an error. Follow Daniel on Instagram @danielbarros_1001perfumes.

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