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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Christine Ndolo (dazzlinfragrances)

Meet CHRISTINE NDOLO, whose surname means “love”. Born in Cameroon, famous for its soccer team, the Indomitable Lions, Christine moved to the USA in 2010 and now resides in Texas. With dual bachelor’s degrees in Languages and Political Science, she works as a project manager while freelancing as a makeup artist. Christine’s journey into the world of fragrances began in her 20s. Initially drawn to light and airy scents, her preferences evolved to rich, sweet notes, particularly vanilla. Owning 450 perfume bottles, Christine is famous for her fragrance layering combinations.



I became interested in perfume in my 20s. I liked perfumes earlier but didn’t become invested in them until my 20s. Back then, I loved airy and light scents that helped me stay fresh all day. My part-time jobs were in retail, and I had to be close to people a lot. I needed to make sure nobody was uncomfortable around me. My first fragrance was Coach Poppy and then I evolved to Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gioia that I wore consistently for 3 years until I bought my first Chanel’s perfumes Chance Eau Fraîche and Eau Tendre.

My favorite notes include Freesia, Lychee, Peony, Apricot, Musk, Orris, Rum, Cognac, Tobacco, Leather, Suede, Vanilla, Amber, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood. 97% of my collection of over 450 perfumes has vanilla in it. It is the note that lasts the longest on my skin. It is very cozy, enveloping and comforting and, as a gourmand lover, I have to have it in fragrances. I love soft florals as well, but they must be rounded with either musk, amber or sandalwood. I occasionally still wear fresh scents – one of my favorite ones is Amber Fusion by Zara, but I like more grounded and gourmand scents now that I am a bit older.

My favorite perfumers are Quentin Bisch and Alberto Morillas. I truly appreciate what Quentin has created with Fleur Narcotique, Guidance, Delina Exclusif, Hibiscus Mahajad, Bois Imperial, Valaya and more recently Teriaq with Lattafa. All fragrances that I own and absolutely love. I love Alberto Morillas creations with his own brand Mizensir. Those fragrances take me back to how my childhood used to smell. It is a very specific scent that he captures elegantly in his line. I own about 10 of his fragrances and I cherish each one dearly with Très Chère being a strong lead.

I became a fragrance content creator due to curiosity. When I started I had about 10-12 fragrances already in my collection Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, Gabrielle and No.5 L’Eau, Zara’s Red Temptation, Golden Decade, Amber Fusion and Sublime Epoque, YSL’s Black Opium Intense and Libre edt, and Kilian’s Princess. I also had countless body sprays from Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. I originally started with makeup but quickly developed an interest in sharing my fragrances. It was a relatively new niche to me but not necessarily new itself, and I decided to give it a try.

The unique aspect of my work is that I get to discover new fragrance combinations every day. Layering has become such a powerful force in how I experience scents. No more hating a fragrance because it is not working. I mix it with something else and I open a new world of possibilities. I never have a dull moment with fragrances. Sometimes I just look at them and see combinations in my head so clearly like mathematicians and equations. I am constantly playing and mix them. Many times, what I create is not it, but I keep trying and you best believe that I do not rest until I find a combination that works. Let’s just attribute all my hits to the power of perseverance. Ha!

So far, my contribution to the fragcom is fragrance layering combinations. A lot of people have found a new appreciation for fragrances they do not like because they can now mix them. Two to three years ago, many were still only wearing one fragrance but now that layering is more mainstream, many now rock a body spray, a base perfume and a topper perfume. I do not consider myself the inventor of perfume layering, but I certainly contributed in making it as big as it is currently. I don’t know any person who only wears 1 perfume everyday anymore. Everybody now layers either because it is fun or because they want their fragrance to last longer, and I am here for it!

A good fragrance is a fragrance that gets you compliments whether those compliments are internal or external. You should always either say “Damn, I smell good” or hear “Damn, you smell good”. There is no point in wearing a fragrance that no one compliments. It’s like wearing a beautiful dress to a party and no one tells you it looks great. Many will never wear it again. This, however, does not mean the fragrance should be loud and obnoxious, in fact I get a lot of compliments from what many consider soft fragrances, but it should illicit a reaction from yourself or from others.

I see the current perfume market as emerging. For the first time in years perfume brands are in the league next to their counterparts makeup and skincare. That is truly thanks to fragrance content creators like me who share their love of fragrances with anyone interested. I truly see it becoming a force in the next decade.

The best aspect of ScentXplore is an opportunity for fellow fragrance connoisseurs and enthusiasts to connect over their shared love of fragrances. I have never attended or been invited to it, but it seems to be a very fun experience for everyone who attends. I hope to experience that myself one day.

In a few words, to me, perfume is expression. There is no limit to what you can create.






Delina ExclusifDelina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly

If I could only keep one this would be the one. I get everything I need from this fragrance. Compliments, longevity, depth and sophistication. This fragrance is deep and incredibly elegant. I truly cannot imagine my collection without it. The Rose, Oud and Incense mix is intoxicating!


Bianco LatteBianco Latte by Giardini Di Toscana

A lactonic delight. This fragrance is about a year and half old in my collection, but I am completely obsessed with it! There is nothing truly like it. This is a gourmand lover heaven, and it lasts a very long time too! If you like smelling yummy and delicious, this one is a true keeper. You just have to make sure you have a sweet tooth first.


Lust In ParadiseLust in Paradise by Ex Nihilo

A sweet airy floral. This fragrance is everything I love in a floral perfume. Litchi, peony, musk. This fragrances is light, elegant, airy, sophisticated and smells like a princess. This one and Fleur Narcotique are top favorites and I truly adore them! If you are into soft florals that still have some maturity, this one is for you.


Silky WoodsSilky Woods by Goldfields & Banks

One of the most intoxicating fragrances I own. Vanilla, tobacco, saffron and oud blended to perfection. The tobacco in this fragrance is so enveloping. This fragrance is definitely a staple in my collection. Great longevity and a compliments getter. A must have if you love sweet vanillas with a naughty touch.


Narcotic DelightNarcotic Delight by Initio Parfums

Cherry and Cognac. One of the sexiest fragrances in my collection. It’s all in the image. This fragrance is truly a delight. An invitation to the dark side where you feel liberated. I adore this! It’s not a loud fragrance but you smell this all day long and others do too! Truly another masterpiece from the house. I love layering this with Absolute Aphrodisiac for a touch of the forbidden. Thank me later!


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(image credits: Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly, Bianco Latte by Giardini Di Toscana, Lust in Paradise by Ex Nihilo, Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks, and Narcotic Delight by Initio Parfums)



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DANIEL BARROS is Brazilian, based in São Paulo, and the author of  ‘1001 Perfumes: The Guide’. He has been collaborating with ScentXplore since 2021, contributing to content production and management, as well as organizing the annual ScentXplore People’s Choice Niche Fragrance Awards. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, Daniel is actively involved in mentoring niche brands and fragrance enthusiasts all over the world. Click here to send him a private message or report an error. Follow Daniel on Instagram @danielbarros_1001perfumes.

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