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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Kris Mynarova (fragrancelesque)

KRISTYNA MYNAROVA, born in the Czech Republic in 1991, grew up bilingual in Czech and Ukrainian. Her passion for fragrances started at an early age when she borrowed her first mom’s fragrances, like Escape for Women by Calvin Klein and was fascinated by the unique and rich aroma. Her love for perfumes never faded away and eventually brought her to a blogging hobby in 2021. Now she is dedicated to crafting and sharing fragrance narratives with like-minded enthusiasts around the globe.


I became interested in perfume when I tried my mom’s new Miss Dior Le Parfum that she brought home from her travels in 2014. It wasn’t a typical mass-appealing scent release at that time. It was rather a mature-smelling deep ambery floral fragrance that intrigued me like no other. When Miss Dior Le Parfum was discontinued in 2017, I bought my third backup bottle but ultimately knew that this is not where the journey ends and I found out about the niche perfume world! So the exploration began…

My favorite notes are leather, cardamom, jasmine, iris, musk, amber, juniper berries, oakmoss, vanilla, musk mallow, ambergris, oud, rose, honey. I like them because they are blendable enough to be incorporated in different scent profiles, but you can always tell it’s them in the scent composition.

My favorite perfumers are Hamid Merati-Kashani, Francois Demachy, Jordi Fernandez, Paolo Terenzi, Maurice Rousel, Alberto Morillas and so many more… I like their work because it evokes deep emotions of joy and excitement in me. I love that their olfactory work has a recognizable signature style.

I became a fragrance content creator because I wanted to share my passion for fragrances, so starting my Instagram fragrance blog was the ultimate wish to share visuals of my favorite scents.

So far, my contribution to the fragcom has been that as a fragrance storyteller, I’m dedicated to sharing my love for unique and exquisite fragrances with like-minded enthusiasts!

A good fragrance is a fragrance that makes you feel like you, that doesn’t change your style or charisma; it’s like you become one with the fragrance.

I see the current perfume market as an ever-changing, exciting and adventurous. Nowadays there is a fragrance for everybody that is worldwide available. It’s fascinating!

In a few words, to me, perfume is a part of who I am…






EscapeEscape for Women by Calvin Klein

Even as a child in the 90s, I was captivated by Escape for Women. Unlike any other perfume I’ve ever smelled, Escape for Women evolves unpredictably on your skin, becoming this elegant, edgy yet mysterious scent. I imagine a femme fatale walking through tropical greenery, surrounded by the aroma of exotic fruits and florals. It’s a timeless and true classic in my opinion. I treasure my vintage bottle from the 90s.


Guilty AbsoluteGuilty Absolute by Gucci

For me, Gucci Guilty Absolute stands out. It’s a designer scent that feels niche and unique, a true masterpiece. I love how bold and candid it smells. It’s a true statement-maker that resonates with my fragrant ego on a deeper level. I especially love the raw and mature leather that is tamed by the soft aromatic cypress, evoking feelings of authenticity, confidence and genuineness. This scent really makes your alter ego shine through.


Amber OudAmber Oud by Roja Parfums

Amber Aoud was my signature scent until recently as I have finally used up my bottle. It redefined my love for rose oud fragrances. It isn’t just another “rose and oud combo”; it’s a complex and opulent symphony of a luscious rose, enveloped by a veil of smooth oud. I especially crave the sweetness of those thick, dried figs that add a touch of delicious decadence. Amber Aoud is to me so seductive, it’s hard to imagine ever letting it go.


Lune FélineLune Féline by Atelier des Ors

Lune Féline is to me a true stand out; a carnal woody vanilla with spices silently peeking through the balmy dark texture. I love everything about Lune Feline… In one word, it’s simply perfect.


RoyeaRoeya by The Spirit of Dubai

What a unique scent profile, so invigorating and unique. I cannot exist without Roeya, although it definitely didn’t appeal to me at first sniff. It’s that edgy white floral woody fragrance that might scare you at first. Maybe give it a second chance like I did and you’ll never want to go back to your usual scents. Now it’s one of my signature fragrances that I will use up fast.


FiliFili by V Canto

One of the notes I truly adore is oakmoss and leather. Fili is a fragrance I hold close to my heart because of its elegant, smooth and complex scent profile. It’s a true everyday armor that will set you up for a successful day. I find Fili to be one of the most well elaborated citrusy woody fragrances in its genre that works wonders on any skin!


D600D600 by Carner Barcelona

A fragrance that has been in my collection for as long as I can remember, and I still adore it. Every time I open the cap and smell this scent I am being reminded why it’s been one of my signature scents. D600 is that addictive “upper class” sophisticated aromatic iris that keeps its distance but invites you to explore more with that silent and cozy vanilla in the dry down.


Ormonde ManOrmonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

Since I love aromatic scent profiles, I had to try the famous Ormonde Man, which I find to be the “it” fragrance in this scent genre. I didn’t need to explore Ormonde Man any further. The second I smelled it, I knew I had to introduce it to my collection. You wouldn’t expect how tender a fragrance can smell until you experience Ormonde Man. It’s a true “quiet luxury” perfume.


Musc PanacheMusc Panache by Maison Rebatchi

I never thought a perfume could smell poetic, and yet Musc Panache indeed resembles poetry. So much so that you close your eyes the moment you smell Musc Panache to truly feel every note that is present at the moment. The whiffs of individual notes make you sniff your body and every time you will smell a new note. This is the true beauty of Musc Panache. So fine, so elaborated to the last detail. I love how it blends its fresh, zesty, bitter scent “body” with the iris and honeysuckle.


JoorieJoorie by Kajal

I first encountered Joorie during my vacation in Sardinia in 2023. It was one of those unbearable hot summer nights and I saw Joorie peeking through the display in a lingerie store and went in to finally smell it! The enchanting and enveloping rich spiced honey mixed with the exotic ylang-ylang captivated my senses. It was “love at first sniff”..as they say, even in the hot weather.


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Check Kristyna’s website: https://krismynarova.com

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(image credits: Kristyna Mynarova, except Joorie by Kajal)



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