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10 New Fragrance Drops | April 2024 (Part 2)

May 24, 2024 | New Drops, Recaps

The second part of our April 2024 recap delves into clean, soft fragrances as well as dark, intense ones, each offering a unique narrative and olfactory journey. Join us as we explore these intricate scents, from the sun-soaked bliss and exotic allure of KAJAL’s ‘Äican’, ROJA PARFUMS’ ‘Isola Sol’, and NAVITUS’ ‘Melon Kiss’, to the opulent elegance and deep sensuality of CREED’s ‘Queen of Silk’, INITIO PARFUMS’ ‘Oud for Greatness Neo’, and ZAHAROFF’s ‘Halfeti Black Rose’. We also delve into the cozy powderiness of PROFUMO DI FIRENZE’s ‘Latte e Mandorla’ and ACNE STUDIOS par Frédéric Malle.



Kajal Aican



“ÄICAN, a beautiful Arabic term of deep significance, represents gold that has been purified of all imperfections. A piece of gold may lie for years, concealed beneath layers of earth and stone, yet even through the darkness, its radiance is not diminished. Optimism, fortitude, and a tenacious desire for improvement can erode those layers of impurity, revealing a truly astonishing brilliance. The power of positivity is ours to unleash. We all have the choice to embrace a new beginning and to shine once again, revealing the magnificence that has always resided within us. *We can. You can. ÄICAN.* Top notes: ÄICAN unfurls with a tantalizingly exotic fusion of Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Mandarin, a fruit celebrated for being a symbol of good fortune in many cultures. Heart notes: As the heart notes emerge, we discover a seductively warm blend of Black pepper, Jasmine, and Ginger. Renowned for its healing properties, Ginger is often used to promote feelings of balance and harmony. Base notes: ÄICAN culminates in a lush, comforting richness, a harmonious union of Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver, Praline, Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood. Spiritually esteemed for its protective qualities, Sandalwood is also cherished for its ability to enhance inner radiance.”


Creed Queen Of Silk



“Queen of Silk emerges as a captivating new fragrance for women from The House of Creed embodying the opulent luster and ethereal softness of silk, a precious fabric treasured since time immemorial for its beauty and delicate touch. This spellbinding Eau de Parfum gently embraces the skin, leaving an enchanted trail in the air that shimmers with luminous energy. Transporting you to the distant lands through which this ancient treasure once journeyed, Queen of Silk weaves together sublime Chinese osmanthus, decadent tuberose and ethereal Javanese patchouli. These heady notes dance over complex cedar, agarwood and smolderingly soft Madagascan vanilla in a lingering, sensual testament to timeless refinement.”


Initio Oudforgreatnessneo



“A POWERFUL CONCENTRATE OF ESSENCES REVEALED BY THE ACTIVE PROPERTIES OF ‘NEUROSCENTS’. A new form has emerged: Oud for Greatness Neo. Like a free electron, neo breaks free from the initial Oud for Greatness olfactory matrix. Neo flows through you with its vitality. Like a flash of light, this dazzling fragrance reveals your innermost nature. Its fluid waves create a charismatic, ultra-fluorescent aura around you. The result of an alchemy between the power of nature and neuroscience.The psychoactive molecules of Oud enhance our ability to think and feel. The synergistic pairing of Lavender Orpur® and Bergamot soothes and strengthens the mind. Meanwhile, the positive energy of Balsam Fir enhances well-being. Its brain-boosting scent promotes self-confidence and determination propelling it to new heights. MAIN NOTES: Agarwood, Bergamot, Lavender Orpur®, Saffron, Fir Balsam, Musk.”


Thameen Chords



“Chords is inspired by the desire of belonging in British-German composer George Handel’s residency in London at 25 Brook Street. Handel’s monumental contribution to British culture and music cemented his status as being “more British than British”. Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson begins the construction of Chords with Bergamot, echoing British Earl Grey tea with Neroli, which reinforces the fragrance’s freshness with the green and floral richness of Orange Blossom. In the heart, Ylang Ylang, Honey Accord and Tobacco diffuse a suave, warm and addictive sensation. Finally in the base, Cedarwood Atlas and Woodleather reveal a bewitching and woody animalic facet whilst seducing the light and bright volatility of traditional cologne with a darker dimension.”


Roja Isola Sol



“Embrace the endless sun. An olfactive postcard from an island vacation, Isola Sol is a sublime new art-piece from the vision of Roja Dove. Capturing a snapshot of a blissful day spent on a golden beach, Isola Sol embraces that magical moment the sun is at its highest in the sky, turning the scenery into a watercolour of orange and blues. Tempting you to a land where the sun always shines, surrounding yourself with the scent of Isola Sol means you don’t have to long for a summer holiday. Key Notes: Citrus, Apricot, Peach, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Coconut, Sandal Wood, Salt. Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Apricot, Peach. Heart Notes: Neroli, Jasmine Sambac, Ylang Ylang, Coconut. Base Notes: Pink Pepper, Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood, Amyris Wood, Salty Accord, Musks, Ambroxan.”





“Acne Studios by Frédéric Malle is an Eau de Parfum with a vibrant, magnetic and radical profile. It is an intense thrill of fresh aldehydes, concealed by the sweetness of flowers, peach and vanilla, warmed by creamy sandalwood and white musk. Olfaction : Aldehydes, rose, peach, vanilla, sandalwood, musk.”


Navitus Melonkiss



“Melon Kiss Extrait de Parfum is an exotic fragrance that is both inviting and memorable perfect for those looking to make a spring and summer statement. Created by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour and Pierre Flores with creative direction from Gabriela from Gabby Loves Perfumes. Melon Kiss is a tantalizing blend of bergamot and melon blended to perfection with honeydew melon and creamy coconut milk. Infused with base notes of Madagascan vanilla and creamed honey, this exotic fragrance is both inviting and memorable. Fresh yet creamy, Melon Kiss Extrait de Parfum is the perfect scent for anyone looking to make a spring and summer statement. Treat yourself to a touch of luxury. Top Notes: Bergamot & Melon. Heart Notes: Honeydew Melon & Coconut Milk. Base Notes: Creamed Honey & Madagascan Vanilla.”


Zarahoff Black Rose



“Three years in the making, the inspiration came when ROSÉ was launched in 2020. George was applying NOIR on his skin and then shortly thereafter applying ROSÉ on the top. It was a magical fragrance – and he got to work with Claude on a “NOIRROSÉ” fragrance. It turned out to be exactly as was hoped, NOIR with ROSÉ. But it was too “safe” – and George Zaharoff set out with Master Perfumer Claude Dir to develop a Halfeti Black Rose from scratch, apart and distinctive from any of the other Zaharoff fragrances in the Signature collection, including the Rose Athonite ROSÉ. Imagine fighting through a thick thorn bush forest to get to that one magical black rose, this is the inspiration behind Black Rose! Deep, mystical, sensual – this is a serious masculine scent! Top Notes: Black Pepper, Basil, Bergamot. Heart Notes, Mid-Notes: Turkish Rose (Turkey), Black Rose (Turkey), Cashmere Blend, Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Tonka (Brazil). Bottom Notes, Dry: Cypriol, Olibanium Tears (Ethiopia), Oud, Labdanum “Rock” Rose, Musk, Vetiver.”


Profumodifirenze Latte Mandorlo



“A harmonious olfactory symphony thanks to the delicate combination of Milk and Almond that captures the senses with its creamy sweetness. Rose and Anise add a romantic and sensual touch to the fragrance, surrounding us in a light and comfortable caress. Note di Testa: Milky Notes, Almond. Note di Cuore: Rose, Anise. Note di Fondo: Patchouly, Musk.”


Mancera Amberful



“Experience the amber’s marine, vegetal, terrestrial origins and harmonic richness. A true skin scent. HEAD NOTES: Pink Pepper, Japanese Yuzu, Calabrian Bergamot, Indian Nutmeg. HEART NOTES: Woodsy Amber, Powdery Violet, Sulawesian Patchouli. BASE NOTES: Intense Amber, Cedar Moss.”


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(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)

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