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10 New Fragrance Drops | Designers’ Private Lines

May 31, 2024 | New Drops, Recaps

Let’s take a moment to recap some of the fragrances launched within designers’ private lines in recent months. Homages are the highlight, exemplified by CHANEL’s Comète, a tribute to the iconic necklace; DIOR’s New Look 2024, a reinterpretation of the revolutionary New Look 1947; and MONTBLANC’s Collection, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Meisterstück pen. We see smoky, mysterious scents, including GIVENCHY’s Fantasque, GUCCI’s The Heart of Leo, and MONTBLANC’s Meisterstück. Oud remains a significant theme, appearing with a spicy-vanillic twist in TOM FORD’s Oud Wood Parfum and a rosy accord in HERMÈS’ Oud Alezan.


(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)



Chanel Comète



“Born under a lucky star, the ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ collection was created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1932. It featured the legendary Comète necklace, whose shooting star nestles in the hollow of the neck and symbolises the intimate nature of jewellery. Luminous and sensual, COMÈTE Eau de Parfum, a fragrance whose cherry blossom accord is intertwined with heliotrope and powdery iris notes, leaves a trail reminiscent of stardust in its wake. Composition: Luminous and intense, a fresh cherry blossom accord is caressed by sensual notes of iris and heliotrope. An intense floral ‘stardust’ scent with a powdery, musky signature, created by CHANEL In-House Perfumer-Creator Olivier Polge. Inspiration: Superstitious, Gabrielle Chanel let the stars guide her to the world of jewellery, which she revolutionised in 1932, with the creation of her unique, and now legendary, ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ collection. The Comète necklace shines at the heart of this constellation. Its shooting star nestles in the hollow of the neck, symbolising the intimate, sensorial connection that links a person to their jewellery – and also links them to their fragrance.”


Dior New Look 2024



“Exemplified by Christian Dior’s iconic Bar suit of 1947, the New Look revolutionized fashion with its bold and elegant silhouette. Today, Francis Kurkdjian, Dior Parfums Creative Director, has reinvented this precious legacy as a daring Dior perfume for women and men, born of a bold creative approach that pushes the traditional boundaries of the amber fragrance. New Look is a universal eau de parfum that opens with the unique and shocking freshness of aldehydes, before revealing the sensuality of frankincense and amber nuances for a lingering and enveloping luxury perfume. KEY NOTES:
Aldehydes, frankincense, ambery accord.”


Hermès Oud Alezan



“The Hermessence Oud Alezan was born when Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel encountered an extraordinary oud. ‘That feeling of being immersed in an incredibly intimate and sensual material revived a disconcerting memory I have of smelling the neck of a chestnut horse.’ OLFACTORY NOTES: Heady, subtle and majestic, Oud Alezan embodies an accord between an exceptional, enveloping oud and a striking duo of contrasting roses. An Hermessence suitable for both men and women. An enveloping gesture elevates this intoxicating Eau de Toilette. Its fragrant sillage is both subtle and apparent.”


Tom Ford Oud Wood Parfum



“OUD WOOD PARFUM reveals astounding facets of the iconic oud ingredient. Natural essences of invigorating cardamom and patchouli bow to a rich blend of prized woods warmed by seductive vanilla, tonka bean facets and glowing amber resins.”


Bulgari Sahare



“Signifying ‘dawn’, the light at the end of the night, Le Gemme Sahare transports us to the Sahara Desert to discover the imperial pink jasper gemstone, that grants the courage to overcome the greatest challenges, giving us the most precious thing we can ever have in life: hope. A magnificent nectar crafted as a tribute to the mythical Taif rose, embellished with the noblest of ambergris notes to add an assertive signature to this Eau de Parfum.”


Armani Blanc Kogane



“A luminous, addictive and deconstructed musk scent, shaped around precious white jasmine notes for an enveloping fragrance. Blanc Kogane is a reinterpretation of a destructured luminous yet mysterious musk, embodying the delicacy and enveloping purity of the skin nuanced by an animal facet and contrasted by a duo of White Jasmine. Its bright and sairy accord of Lemon Essence and Aldehyde unfolds into a sensual floral bouquet heart, dominated by white Jasmine, and enhanced with Ylang Ylang and Lily of the Valley. Then, the noble base notes of Vetiver and Patchouli harmoniously sign the trail with their fragrant woody vibrations for a rare perfume inspired by the precious ancestral art of Kintsugi. Underscoring Giorgio Armani’s exceptional olfactory savoir-faire, exclusive extraction processes have been used for the two unique varieties of Hand-picked French Jasmine in Blanc Kogane. The Jasmine Superinfusion reveals a fresher, more floral and luminous scent with smooth and creamy white floral notes. The Saumur Jasmine Grandiflorum is empowered with a richly textured and sensual floral accord, warmed by spicy, honeyed and leathery notes with slightly animal overtones.”


Lv Pur Ambre



“The sensuality of amber to personalize your fragrance trail. With Pure Perfumes, Louis Vuitton imagines a way of personalizing one’s fragrance signature with a gesture of absolute refinement. Inspired by the tradition of layering several fragrances, these intense compositions can be used as a finishing touch to your perfume ritual. Woven from exceptional essences and concentrated to the extreme, they celebrate the raw beauty of legendary ingredients in perfumery. A traveling material by its very nature, ambergris has fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pays tribute to the absolute sensuality of its scent by marrying an infusion of natural ambergris with the woody, musky, velvety vibrancy of Ambroxan. A scintillating burst of freshness gradually reveals a complex scent shimmering with animalic, woody and iodized facets. Endowed with an unparalleled power of attraction, Pur Ambre captures the utmost mystery of ambergris, captivatingly exuding seduction in successive waves.”


Givenchy Fantasque



“AN ENCHANTING DUO: The precious and mystical opulence of Myrrh and Incense, draped in Malaysian Oud, reveal the precious fragrance of Fantasque. The majestic elegance of Damascena Rose heightened by intense Bourbon Vanilla Absolute and Oud Wood, are leaving a fascinating and intriguing trail. AN ABSOLUTELY EXTRAVAGANT FRAGRANCE: Expect the unexpected: Fantasque scorns banality. This unconventional, utterly free spirit lives life to the fullest, matched only by its magnetic, intriguing fragrance, which reveals an unpredictable and faceted sillage.”


Gucci The Heart Of Leo



“The Heart of Leo Eau de Parfum highlights the lion’s power and elegance, blending sweet and acidic notes. In this scent, the nobility and strength of the creature combine resinous Myrrh and the smoky profile of Incense with an exhilarating Blackcurrant Accord. The result is an enduring, fruity, and ambery trail, as powerful as the animal it represents. Main ingredients: sweet and acidic Blackcurrant Accord at the top, smoky Olibanum Extract at the heart, and resinous Myrrh Essential Oil at the base. Blackcurrant Accord brings a fruity, red fruit scent to the fragrance. Like a concentrated syrup, it offers an unctuous blackcurrant elixir infused with sweet and acidulous tones. ​Olibanum brings a balsamic, spicy, sweet, woody and warm scent to the fragrance. Sensual and rich, the note is typically ambery. It also has lemon, fresh and green facets by its spiciness and resinous character.​ Sweet, ambery and balsamic, Myrrh reveals liquorice and smoky undertones. Its odor is warm spicy, often showing a very peculiar, sharp balsamic scent.​”


Montblanc Collection



Black Meisterstück “Encapsulating the essence of writing elegance, the iconic Meisterstück writing instrument inspires a captivating fragrance. Black Meisterstück eau de parfum embodies sophistication and grandeur with noble incense and spicy notes, amplified by the captivating sensuality of ambery notes.” Extreme Leather “Experience the touch and smell of Montblanc’s leather in a fragrance that is both woody and comforting. The combination of soft, luxurious leather with sensual iris notes creates an olfactory impression of natural suede leather enhanced with powdery smoothness, transporting you to the Maison’s Tuscany ateliers. The musky facet adds depth and warmth, making this fragrance an irresistible indulgence.” Patchouli Ink “Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Montblanc calligraphy with Patchouli Ink, a captivating fragrance that captures the essence of ink on paper. The smoky, earthy notes of patchouli mingle with delicate musk and vanilla, creating a unique olfactory experience that evokes the sensation of writing with a fountain pen.” Vetiver Glacier “Embark on an olfactory adventure with Vetiver Glacier, a fresh and invigorating eau de parfum inspired by the majestic Mont Blanc. This fragrance embodies the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of excellence, with notes of bitter vetiver, spicy ginger and nutmeg, and warm cedarwood and sandalwood. A touch of white musk adds a modern touch, while the raw woody quality of sandalwood wraps the fragrance in a comforting embrace.”


Have you tried any of the scents on our list? Share your experience in the comments below!


(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)

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