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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Olga (doseofolga)

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, OLGA Avezbakiev (DOSEOFOLGA) has called New York City home since 1994. As an influencer and digital creator, her fascination with beauty in all its forms, including fragrances, has been a lifelong passion. Olga’s had the privilege of serving as a Clean Beauty Award Judge, Beautytap Beauty Expert and Expert at the Good Face Project, where she joyfully shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Additionally, Olga was one of the key creators for the Indie360 pavilion at North America’s largest beauty innovation event in May 2024.


I became interested in perfume when I realized how much I loved scents and how strong my scent memory was. My friends were always surprised when I could tell them the brand and name of a perfume after smelling it just once. This ability sparked my curiosity, and from then on, I delved deeper into the world of perfumery, discovering the artistry and intricacies behind each fragrance.

My favorite notes are rose and vanilla. I adore them because they evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and femininity. Rose adds a touch of elegance and romance, while vanilla brings sweetness and depth to any fragrance.

My favorite perfumer is Quentin Bisch. I adore his work because of his unique ability to craft fragrances that evoke emotions and tell stories. His attention to detail and innovative approach to blending notes create perfumes that are both captivating and memorable. Many of his creations hold a special place in my collection, reminding me of his talent and the magic of scent.

What interests me most about perfumery is how different smells come together to make unique scents. I love how each perfume tells its own story, bringing out emotions and memories. It’s like a puzzle, figuring out which ingredients fit together best to create the perfect scent.

I became a fragrance content creator because I love parfumes, and making photos and videos has always been a hobby of mine. It’s a way for me to express myself creatively and indulge in my passion for the beautiful world of fragrances while connecting with others who share the same interests.

The unique aspect of my work is my focus on building relationships with industry peers and experts. I believe in the power of connections and collaboration, recognizing that it’s the people behind the brand who truly define its essence. By fostering these relationships, I gain valuable insights and perspectives that enhance my understanding of the fragrance world. I believe that together, we can create a stronger, more vibrant community that celebrates the artistry and passion behind each fragrance and brand.

So far, my contribution to the fragcom has been attending events like ScentXplore, where I connect with fellow enthusiasts and industry insiders. Also, engaging with niche perfumery events allows me to meet founders and perfumers, deepening my appreciation for the artistry behind each scent. Through these experiences, I foster connections and share insights with others who share my passion for fragrances.

A good fragrance is one that transports you back in time to a specific place or moment, evoking memories and emotions with just a whiff. Additionally, a good fragrance should make you feel a certain way, whether sexy, powerful, or any other emotion it evokes.

I see the current perfume market as diverse and dynamic, with a growing emphasis on niche and artisanal fragrances. Consumers are increasingly seeking unique and personalized scents that reflect their individuality. I also see that clean and sustainable beauty trends are influencing fragrance choices, leading to a rise in eco-friendly and cruelty-free options. It’s interesting to note a shift among younger audiences, who are increasingly drawn to niche perfumery due to TikTok’s influence, reflecting evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.

The best aspect of ScentXplore is connecting with fellow fragrance enthusiasts, exchanging insights, and fostering new relationships within the fragrance community. It provides a unique opportunity to meet individuals whom you may not encounter otherwise, enriching the experience and broadening your network within the fragrance world.

In a few words, to me, perfume is an evocative expression of beauty, memory, and emotion captured in a bottle.






ClassiqueClassique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique was the first fragrance I bought when I moved to the U.S. in 1994. It quickly became my signature scent throughout high school, and I went through so many bottles I lost count. Now, whenever I smell it, it instantly transports me back to the happy and exciting times of my teenage years and starting a new life in the U.S. It holds such special memories for me.


DelinaDelina by Parfums de Marly

Delina by Parfums de Marly sparked my passion for niche perfumery and led me to where I am in the fragrance world today. It’s one of the most beautiful scents I’ve ever smelled and is incredibly powerful. Wearing it makes me feel so feminine and beautiful. Every time I put it on, I can’t help but think, “I smell so good.”


ZenobiaZenobia by Tomavicci

Zenobia by Tomavicci was the first perfume where the founder, Louaai Tomalieh, sought my expert opinion during its development. I appreciated that Louaai listened to my direct suggestions for improvement. I still hold a development test sample of Zenobia, and I am immensely proud of the final product that Louaai created. Zenobia won Best Scent of the Night at the Golden Pineapple Fragrance Award and Most Luxurious Niche Fragrance in the World by The Glam Magazine. I’m truly proud of this brand and its achievements!


LimitlessLimitless by Olga Avezbakiev

Limitless by Olga Avezbakiev, in collaboration with Preproduction Perfumery New York, holds a truly cherished significance for me, as it represents my collaborative endeavor with Preproduction Perfumery to craft a scent uniquely my own. This fragrance exudes seduction and beauty, characterized by the enchanting essence of rose and the timeless allure of vanilla, capturing the essence of my personal style and spirit.


GuidanceGuidance by Amouage

Amouage Guidance is one of those scents I reserve for important meetings and events. I call this scent “I came, I saw, I conquered.” It makes me feel powerful yet still beautifully feminine.


Frangrance DuBois For Lovers Collection Release Event

September 14th 2023 Private Release event for Fragrance DuBois’ Lovers Collection.

Lovers by Fragrance du Bois

Lovers by Fragrance du Bois was the first perfume I tried from this brand, and it made me fall in love with their fragrances. I wore it so often that it became my signature scent, recognized by friends and family. Although I’ve tried many other perfumes from Fragrance du Bois since then and love them, Lovers remains my favorite and holds a special place in my heart.


IsolaBluIsola Blu by Roja Parfums

Isola Blu by Roja Parfums is a unisex summer fragrance that I absolutely adore, despite usually preferring more feminine scents. I love to wear this scent in the summer months. Its unique scent transports me back to my honeymoon in Italy. I describe it as “sexy summer vacation in a bottle,” not only because of its enticing scent but also because of the stylish design of the bottle itself. Additionally, the fragrance is remarkably long-lasting. I believe that this is a must-have for any man looking to impress a woman, making it a standout addition to any fragrance collection.


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(image credits: all by Olga Avezbakiev, except for the header photo (B&W) by Diana Shalieva, and Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier)

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