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‘Lifetime Scents’ by Scott McGlashan (blublazerguy)

All the way from Edinburgh, Scotland, SCOTT MCGLASHAN (blublazerguy) offers a glimpse into his journey with perfumery, from cherished childhood memories of his grandmother’s perfume collection to his evolution into a rising star as a fragrance content creator. Discover the scents that shaped his passion and hold special meaning to him.


I became interested in perfume when I was a young boy. My Grandmother would always smell beautiful, and I used to sneak into her room to sniff her intricately designed perfume bottles that would be lined up on her dressing table. Then when I got my first paycheck I started my collection.

My favorite notes include Neroli and Frankincense/Myrrh/incense. I appreciate Neroli for its balanced blend of citrus, woody, green, and floral notes, evoking memories of European vacations. I have a strange affection for the aroma of cathedrals, as it exudes a captivating tranquillity. This is why I adore Frankincense/Myrrh and incense notes; they are immediately grounding yet intriguing.

My favorite perfumers are Aurelien Guichard is one of my favourites due to his brand Matiere Premiere which I adore and Francis Kurkdjian for his use of crisp clean musks and his gender-defying fragrances.

I became a fragrance content creator due to an immediate affinity with it. While primarily focusing on lifestyle content, I naturally leaned towards fragrance for its historical significance, creativity, and personal satisfaction. The ability of a fragrance to awaken the senses and bring immense happiness to people’s lives captivates me.

The unique aspect of my work is I enjoy delving into various facets of content creation, ranging from visual elements on social media to written pieces on my website. When I deeply resonate with a fragrance, it feels like poetry effortlessly flows from my pen as I describe it, a process I cherish. While some may view blogs as outdated, I appreciate the depth and richness through which I can articulate a fragrance using the written word.

So far, my contribution to the fragcom is While I had always been a fragrance enthusiast, I was determined not to enter the fragrance community pretending to be an expert without truly understanding the industry and its history. To broaden my knowledge, I seized the opportunity to undertake the Fragrance Foundation Fragrance Specialist Exam, enhancing my expertise. I strive to cultivate a warm and inclusive platform where I engage with fragrances in a meaningful manner, delving beyond just the notes to explore how specific scents evoke emotions within me. Subsequently, I have blogged for prestigious fragrance shows like Esxence and Pitti Fragranze, served as a moderator and contributor for ScentXplore, and featured in publications such as Le Haute Parfum Magazine and The Perfume Society’s The Scented Letter magazine. This journey has culminated in my recognition as a finalist for the upcoming Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Awards in the rising star category for fragrance journalism.

A good fragrance is a fragrance that deeply penetrates the soul, awakening every sense within. Even if it’s intricately crafted, if it fails to resonate with me, I won’t appreciate it. Fragrance, being subjective, elicits unique experiences for each individual. Hence, a scent that I consider exceptional may not appeal to someone else, and conversely, what they find appealing might not resonate with me.

I see the current perfume market as, in my opinion, quite saturated. However, influencers and content creators play a crucial role in navigating through the abundance of perfume offerings to spotlight and discuss the finest ones.

The best aspect of ScentXplore is that it is an inclusive and friendly platform, uniting fragrance enthusiasts and niche perfume brands in one place. While there can be preconceived notions about influencers, ScentXplore greatly values their viewpoints. It also welcomes influencers from diverse backgrounds to converge, fostering a shared passion for fragrance and celebrating the remarkable brands that breathe life into this industry.

In a few words, to me, perfume is liquid art that resonates with the soul.






Chanel5Chanel N°5

One of my earliest fragrance recollections, which stirs up deep emotions whenever I encounter it, is Chanel No. 5. As a child, the scent wafting from my grandmother’s skin left a lasting impression. It always exuded elegance, sophistication, and a timeless quality. Although she now favours Mademoiselle, I still reach for a spritz of Chanel No. 5 today when I crave an immediate burst of aldehydic delight.


CoolwaterCool Water by Davidoff

In contrast to today, in the 90s, there were just a handful of designer fragrance launches each year. One of my initial buys was the legendary Cool Water by Davidoff. It exuded freshness, cleanliness, and longevity. Despite its popularity, wearing it made me feel exceptional as I walked the streets with one of my first designer fragrance purchases. This particular release ignited my passion for fresh scents, drawn to the youthful, energetic moods they evoked.


CkoneCK One by Calvin Klein

As a gay teenager in a small town, concealing my expressive side was a frequent necessity. I was drawn to fragrances traditionally marketed towards women but hesitated to wear them. So, you can imagine my joy when one of the first unisex scents emerged, liberating me from the confines of the “pour homme” category. Infusing fruity hints with musks and florals, CK One became another refreshing addition to my collection.


BleuchanelBleu de Chanel 

As I entered my thirties, my search for a new fresh scent continued, this time seeking a more sophisticated and elegant option. Fortunately, Bleu de Chanel appeared, becoming my signature fragrance for a long time. It evokes memories of my transition into adulthood, as I built my life in Edinburgh and discovered my true self.


Br540extraitBaccarat Rouge 540 Extrait by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I can envision the collective eye-rolls from influencers as I bring up this popular fragrance. Despite its widespread use and imitation, it holds significant importance in my life. I wore this fragrance before it became prevalent, receiving compliments consistently. Opting for the Extrait version, I appreciated its deeper, richer texture that lingers intimately on the skin. This was the scent I turned to whenever I yearned for a touch of luxury and confidence.


JardinmajorelleJardin Majorelle

Exclusive to purchase at Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh is their signature fragrance bearing the same name. Each time I return, I find myself compelled to buy a bottle as it serves as a vessel to instantly transport me back to Morocco whenever I need it. Infused with notes of Atlas cedar, jasmine, orange blossom, pepper, rose, and saffron, this fragrance elegantly captures the essence of this beautiful country, boasting rich and sophisticated nuances with impressive longevity.


RadicalroseRadical Rose by Matière Première

This scent marked a pivotal moment for me in my appreciation for rose fragrances and ignited a deep connection with the perfume industry. Matiere Premiere extended an invitation for me to explore their rose fields in Grasse, providing insight into their collection and allowing me to pick some of the Rose de Mai that goes into making the fragrance. It was a defining moment where I felt a sense of belonging and purpose. The rich, spicy, and elegant nature of this rose fragrance transcends gender boundaries, beautifully capturing the intricate nuances of the flower.


OudmaracujaOud Maracujá by Maison Crivelli

During a past visit to the UAE, I encountered oud for the first time, and ever since, I have developed a deep appreciation for this exotic note in fragrances. However, it was when Maison Crivelli introduced an oud scent infused with passion fruit that I became captivated. This fragrance is a bold statement, one I gravitate towards when seeking an extra boost of strength and empowerment. With its fruity, floral richness and remarkable longevity, it exudes depth and character.


Follow Scott on Instagram: @blublazerguy

Check out his blog: https://blublazerguy.com/

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(image credits: header and Jardin Majorelle courtesy of Scott; Chanel N°5, Cool Water, CK One, and Bleu de Chanel from Shutterstock; Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait, Radical Rose, and Oud Maracujá by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Matiere Première, and Maison Crivelli, respectively)



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