The Event

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ScentXplore is a one-of-kind NICHE PERFUMERY event, first in the Americas, that connects niche, creative directors, perfumers, content creators, industry experts and fragrance enthusiasts. A NICHE FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE that bridges people around the globe with the top leading, innovative, exclusive, creative, and high-quality driven niche fragrance brands”.

ScentXplore’s main drivers are: EXPLORE, DISCOVER, SHARE & CONNECT.



ScentXplore happens every year on the first weekend in December and is held at its headquarters in NYC.

Event Date: Dec 2-3, 2022

Event Location: 4W 43rd Street – New York, NY
(adjacent to Fifth Avenue,  walking distance from Grand Central Station)

ScentXplore Hybrid

Virtual + In-Person

We are proud and excited to announce that we are back in-person for the 4th annual edition of ScentXplore. However, we are still keeping the virtual platform which will allow fragrance lovers to join-in as they have over the last 2 years, thus making ScentXplore the first and only Hybrid International Niche Perfume Convention in the World.
The Event
Scentxplore Virtual Lobby 2020
Hybrid 2022