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10 New Fragrance Drops | May 2024 (Part 1)

Jun 12, 2024 | New Drops, Recaps

Our May 2024 – Part 1 selection features a diverse array of fragrances, ranging from the adventurous spirit of woody, citrusy CARNER BARCELONA’s Helix to the romantic allure of sweet, floral ELLA K’s Orchid K. MONTALE’s Oud Fool Roses reinvents a house’s classic with a seductive twist, while oceanic BOND NO. 9’s Beekman Place captures the exclusivity and urban luxury of a Manhattan enclave. THoO’s Guilty Crush and ATELIER DES ORS’ Villa Primerose both exude a powdery sweetness, while ACQUA DI PARMA’s Mandarino Millesimato 2022 and MOLTON BROWN’s Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver conclude this selection with fresh, invigorating notes.


(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)



Carner Helix



“HELIX captures the essence of exploration, just like a propeller that invites you to discover the unknown. Imagine sailing to places you’ve never been before, feeling the gentle sea breeze fused with sweet fruits and Mediterranean flowers. TOP NOTES: Italian Bergamot, Clary Sage, Peach. MID NOTES: Marine Accord, Orange Flower, Lily of the Valley. BASE NOTES: Virginian Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk.”


Ellak Orchid K



“DREAMY ROMANCE AT LAKE COMO: On the slopes of Monte Rosa is where this ode to passion is born, evoked by black vanilla orchid, combined with oleander and magnolia. This sensory delight begins with a luxurious touch of marshmallow, saffron and small grain, before transporting us to the sequoias on the shores of Lake Como with woody notes of incense that are reminiscent of ancient churches. SONIA’S INSPIRATION: ‘For Orchid K, I wanted to create a fragrance around this black vanilla orchid discovered in Monte Rosa in Italy, which I associated with the flowers surrounding Lake Como, the magnolias, jasmines and oleanders of wild roses… I added the traditional luxurious notes of vanilla cannoli and marshmallows served like a cloud at the tip of a skewer during our romantic dinners. Then, I sealed the fragrance with the woody, majestic notes of the centuries-old sequoias lining the shores, and wisps of incense escaping from the heavy doors of nearby churches.’ NOTES: Small grain, oleander, marshmallow / Black vanilla orchid, magnolia, wild rose / Sequoia, vanilla, sustainable ambrofix™.”


Montale Oud Fool Roses



“One had to be a “fool” to reinvent Montale’s most emblematic fragrance, Roses Musk. This rendition is a seductive, intense, and oriental twist on a timeless classic. Dive into a mystical whirlwind of tangerine and roses, where each note tells an enchanting tale. The Taif rose, a gem of the Middle East, dances in harmony with woody and ambery accords, creating an echo of femininity and mystery. At the heart of this creation, oud wood unfolds its refined magic while white musk rises gracefully thanks to powerful labdanum. Step into the captivating allure of Oud Fool Roses, where mystery meets seduction.”


Blackcliff Monarch



“Blackcliff Monarch is a regal scent which envelops the wearer in a cloak of innate nobility. Energetic citruses open onto a generous jasmine heart, which is accented with spicy elemi and peppery, herbal angelica astride a majestic blend of enigmatic woods. Monarch’s complexity is further intensified with leather, patchouli, amber and oakmoss tones. Notes: Italian Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Pear, Elemi, Angelica, Egyptian Jasmine, Cedar Leaf, Leather, Amber, Patchouli, Amyris, Oakmoss, Guaiacwood, Sandalwood, Agarwood. Character: Creative, Eccentric, Bold. Perfumer: Justin Frederico.”


Bond9 Beekman Place



“The secret is out: Manhattan’s most exclusive – and elusive – enclave, in luxurious scent form. Home to artists, royalty, heiresses, and diplomats, this quaint span of two blocks near the East River is tucked on the edge of Turtle Bay in midtown Manhattan, making it perhaps the city’s most exclusive and desirable neighborhood. This fascinating blend reflects the sophisticated, unique ambiance of an ultra-impressive locale. The top notes are an unexpected and contagious fruit blend of juicy pineapple, slightly animalic black currant, and nuanced, elegant pear. What follows is a similarly surprising heart brimming with a gentlemanly blend of fresh, vibrant basil leaves—all at once spicy, sweet, and deeply green—the lively pepper and lemon herbaceous Ness of geranium, and salty driftwood, evocative of the water nearby Beekman Place’s coastal location. Like its dynamic, storied namesake, the scent further develops with yet more plot twists: tonka bean lends a gourmand note, musk and patchouli add rich, sensual depth, and ephemeral sea amber and woody, earthy oakmoss add a grounding flourish. The dry down is that of a sumptuously warm, spiced leather. While decidedly masculine in nature, Beekman Place is a complex scent for anyone with a refined, yet adventurous, palate.”


Nobile1942 La Dea Bendata



“Everything can be translated into numbers, and in Naples they know how it works, but obviously they have to be the right ones, the ones with whom you hope to receive the kiss of La Dea Bendata (=Lady Luck) , also because it is said that she can’t see very well. A fragrance that could attract good luck in every way and that can give you the winning numbers, who knows? According to Neapolitan tradition, for every dream there is a number and every number has its own meaning. With every purchase of La Dea Bendata perfume you will receive a magnet made by Neapolitan artisans with a randomly assigned number. Olfactive family: Fruit Floral Spicy. Top notes: Bitter Orange, Marzipan, Pink Pepper CO2, Black Pepper, Timur Pepper CO2. Heart notes: Orange blossom, Turkish rose, Lily of the valley, Pomegranate, Pizzutella grape. Base notes: Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musks.”


Atelierdesor Ville Primerose



“A TRIBUTE TO ELEGANCE AS AN ART OF LIVING & THE ORIGINS OF PERFUMERY. A woody leather-lined voluptuous rose with velvety, suede notes. ‘I made this crazy promise to look after you and to make sure that you experience moments of sharing, emotion and creation. You are now at the heart of our quest for aesthetics and uncompromised approach. A place to live, to experience but also a place of culture, you have had the privileged to witness the rise of Grasse perfumery since 1886. You are between past, present and future. Your eponymous fragrance, Villa Primerose, contrasts power with softness and homage with modernity. It has the elegance of the magnificent gesture of a leather glove being slipped on. This fragrance, like the elegant women you received and ushered in for over a century, enveloping them in the charm of convention and savoir vivre, celebrates the art of living that is now reborn within your walls.’ – Jean-Philippe Clermont. Top notes: Cardamom, Pear, Pink Pepper. Heart notes: Centifolia Rose infusion, Ambrette, Iris. Base notes: Leather, Amber woods, Musk.”


Thoo Guilty Crush




“The crazy ingredient lights us up: lipstick. Guilty Crush dresses in transgression and projects us into a universe where everything is allowed. An intriguing fragrance capable of recreating the unmistakable scent of lipstick. A touch of color on the lips and it is immediately charm, confidence and positivity, we wear it and feel free to pursue our desires, indulge our instincts and live our emotions, without regrets. A composition with an enveloping creaminess, in which the scarlet notes of black cherry and wild strawberry blend with champagne, in a seductive cocktail, and alternate with the voluptuous petals of rose and jasmine and then explode into a base of warm and intoxicating scents.”


Adp Mandarino Millesimo



“The sandy soil of Castelvetrano, enriched with underground water and combined with a sunny microclimate allows for the cultivation of citrus fruits with distinctive olfactory nuances that are unique to this terroir. Mandarino Millesimato 2022 is the fruit of a notably sunny and dry summer of 2022, specifically harvested by hand early in October to capture the unique vivid, fresh, and invigorating profile of the Tardivo di Ciaculli mandarin, brimming with juicy tones and sharp undertones. The essence of green mandarin is expertly blended with a lively array of Italian citrus notes – bergamot, lemon, and red orange – enhancing its brilliance with fresh, juicy tones. The intensity of the notes of petit grain and cool spearmint elevates its green and tonic accents, leading to a heart of fragrance where deep, aromatic cedarwood provides balance and support at the base. The final trail of musk refines the jus, evoking an elegant landscape where the most precious essences can express their sophisticated authenticity. Top notes: Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon, Blood orange. Heart notes: Petitgrain, Spearmint. Base notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Musk.”


Moltonbrown Clementine Vetiver



“Your summer state of mind. Made for all, this feel-good, citrus-woody fragrance transports you to rolling hills of ripe citrus trees under golden sun. Sparkling clementine lifts the creaminess of fig leaves, grounded by smoky, sustainably grown Bourbon vetiver. EAU DE PARFUM: The air of laid-back, summer sophistication; this citrus Eau de Parfum energises with lively rays of clementine and mandarin, rounded by a velvety heart of iris absolute and a smoky-earthy signature note of sustainably grown, rich Bourbon vetiver. EAU DE TOILETTE: The essence of endless summer, our citrus Eau de Toilette instantly transports you to a sun-soaked citrus landscape; a revitalising medley of vibrant clementine and mandarin zest effortlessly eases into creamy fig leaves and a woody-smoky base of the highest quality, sustainably grown Bourbon vetiver.”


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(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)

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