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10 New Fragrance Drops | May 2024 (Part 2)

Jun 21, 2024 | New Drops, Recaps

Summer-evocative fragrances are the highlight of the May 2024 – Part 2 selection, each following a distinct direction. PARFUM D’EMPIRE’s Un Bel Amour d’Été, with its carnal and sunny florals, captures the sensuality of a summer love, while XERJOFF’Ss Levar del Sole celebrates the sunrise as a caramelized chypre. On the transparent side, FRANCESCA BIANCHI’s The Mariner’s Rhym features an ozonic accord with powdery and balsamic aspects, and ROOM 1015’s Wavechild pays tribute to surf culture with notes of watermelon, coconut, and ambergris. The African continent is also honored through HABIBI NY’s Sahara Rose Absolute and ORMONDE JAYNE’s Vanille des Afriques.


(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)



Xerjoff Levar Del Sole



“With the new dawn arises new hope. Levar del Sole poeticises on the skin. Literally translated as “rising of the sun”, Levar del Sole is the perfume inspired by the immortal phoenix. A symbol of renewal, whose scent breathes new life onto the person it is sprayed upon in a baptism of new beginnings. Opening to fresh citrus nuances and the nurturing aura of delicate rose, these hand-picked roses were chosen especially for Levar del Sole from India’s perfume capital, Kannauj. With cardamom, violet and lily at the heart, Levar del Sole eau de parfum breathes prosperity. New beginnings unfold and transformations are made, as the senses lean into the deliciously comforting blend of musk, Tonka bean and caramel at the base.”


Vertus Anka



“The enchanting melody of the fire in the heart of the night, radiating its captivating aura… Surrounds by the glow of warm spices imbued with saffron’s exotic charm, the light sweetness of ripe peaches, the rich sensuality of sandalwood and sultry traces of amber, while inviting to the symphony of sensations. Top Notes: Saffron, Peach, Grapefruit. Middle Notes: Cistus, Nutmeg, Clove, Carrot Seed. Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Fir Balsam, Oakmoss.”


Habibinyc Sahara Rose



“Rich and rare, just like a rose from the African Sahara Desert; this scent composition sings all kinds of precious notes. Sahara Rose Absolute opens with rich Turkish rose sourced from Istanbul, followed by notes of geranium, bright solar Jasmine, and sensual blackcurrant. The fragrance then turns spicy-woody with notes of deep saffron, pink pepper, elusive agarwood and mysterious incense. The base notes dry down into a woody and musky blend. Dark musks and saffron envelope the beautiful roses that make this a long-lasting scent to treasure. Sahara Rose Absolute comprises notes of vetiver, sandalwood, amber and white musks, for a lasting blend that lingers and leaves an aromatic story wherever you go. Top: Turkish Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Blackcurrant. Heart: Saffron, Pink Pepper, Agarwood, Incense. Base: Woody-Musky, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, White Musks.”


Mancera Eternal Wood



“As we journey from San Cristobal to the Chihuahuan deserts, the ethereal essence of Palo Alto gracefully envelops us, transcending the mundane. Eternal wood materializes in our reverie, guided by Mayan incense and burnt Oud. HEAD NOTES: Burnt Laotian Oud, Davana & Red Saffron. HEART NOTES: Palo Santo, White Copal, Gaiacwood, Cashmere Wood. BASE NOTES: Brown Toffee, Brazilian Tonka Beans, Amber & Oakmoss.”


Parfumdempire Un Bel Amout Deté



“Forever love. It’s the feeling that you’ve met the love of your life. Mad passion against a backdrop of blue waves, hot shiny skins embracing on warm sand, exhaling the scent of white flowers and their animalic notes. Forever summer. How do you capture in a bottle the high intensity of these sun-drenched idylls? How can you translate a season of pleasures on the beach that thrills all your senses? Here, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has crafted the quintessential beach scent, gorging it with the sumptuous natural ingredients he blends so masterfully in his compositions. Forever flowers. Flesh-soft corollas waft fleshly scents melding skin and petals, suffused with sun-kissed eroticism. Rounded and milky, gardenia is the beating heart of the fragrance. It is enhanced by a radiant magnolia flower essence with nuances of apricot, and the golden languor of ylang absolute. Forever solar. The rare and exotic tropical cousin of magnolia, champaca lends the balsamic, jasmine-y, oily lavishness of its absolute to this mirage of floral flesh. Blond vanilla from Madagascar conjures golden skin. The essence of Indian sandalwood intensifies the creamy sensation of this vahine’s bouquet. Precious ambrette, a vegetal musk, sheds its light on silky sand. Carnal and solar, the perfume blooms on skin in a searingly sensuous evocation of an unforgettable, beautiful summer love.”


Sergelutens Point Du Jour



“Point du jour is a simple, elementary refuge. It’s reassuring, like the smell of dry, Mediterranean thyme when rubbed between your hands. It’s a sort of tonic, inspired by the babbling of a stream. ‘A noble awakening with thyme at daybreak.’ Matin Lutens, a line whose understated aesthetics and purity evoke the simplicity of a ritual focussed on morning essentials: water, bath and… a little spritz of perfume. Natural ingredients, colours that reflect a return to serenity, perfectly in keeping with the organic vibe of this collection’s olfactory creations, Matin Lutens promises a long-awaited return to your roots: a peaceful morning wake-up! Olfactory notes: Natural thyme essence, Clary sage absolute, Eucalyptus absolute.”


Bois1920 Scorzaforza



“Scorzaforza is an intense and powerful fragrance, the result of a disruptive wave of citrus notes which trigger vivacity and freshness thanks to Lemon, Mandarin and Bergamot. The effervescence of Mint blends with Lily of the Valley and a light note of Rose. White Musk, Amber and Patcholuy characterize the sillage, giving an aura of enveloping elegance and refinement. Top: Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot, Petit Grain. Heart: Mint, Lily of the Valley, Rose. Dry Down: White Musk, Amber, Cedar Wood, Patchouly.”


Ormondejayne Vanille Des Afriques



“The very definition of pedigree and heritage with its precious contents of Orris butter and an abundance of the aphrodisiac, Madagascan vanilla absolute. Vanille des Afriques Intensivo is a balmy evening, enjoying the sunset whilst the warm breeze billows through your silks and linens. Its smooth radiance soothes and relaxes you – a level of comfort and quiet contemplation. Vanille des Afriques Intensivo captures the essence of a tranquil African evening, beginning with the vibrant harmony of coriander seed, Sicilian bergamot, carrot seed, and pink pepper. Its heart luxuriates in the opulence of orris butter and jasmine absolute, enriched by magnolia and osmanthus, leading to a soulful base of Madagascan vanilla, cedarwood, vetiver, amber and musk. This fragrance is an invitation to a moment of serenity as the sun sets, embodying the serene beauty and spirited essence of Africa in every note.”


Francesca Mariners



“This fragrance captures the essence of a mariner navigating a stormy sea. It carries a metallic edge reminiscent of a razor blade, an ozonic quality evoking the cold tempest winds, and a dark, mysterious depth akin to the ocean’s abyss. Although fresher and more transparent than other scents in the collection, the unmistakable DNA of my dramatic character and the animalic iris strongly influence and shape this unique creation. Pyramid:Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ozonic Notes, Lavender, Elemi / Orange Flower, Iris / Ambergris, Oakmoss, Musk, Patchouli, Incense.”


Room1015 Wavechild



“Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey and embark on tribute to Surf Culture, riding the olfactive waves of Orange, Watermelon, Coconut and Ambergris. From the legendary Huntington Beach to the surf gangs, bikers, and the electrifying blend of edginess and creativity, Wavechild is a celebration of the art of surfing. Stripped to the core, the perfume in your hands is a raw, wire-to-wire, rebellious burst of energy. Open your nostrils, expand your mind, and become the Wavechild. Head Note: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon. Heart Note: Watermelon, Coconut. Base Note: Amber Woods, Cocoa, Ambergris.”


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(fragrance descriptions by the respective brands)

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